Salem X-Tra Mile Club
P.O. Box 122
Salem, OH 44460

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About Salem X-Tra Mile Club

The Salem X-Tra Mile Club is a non-profit organization that acts as a booster program to help fund the girls' and boys' cross country programs as well as the girls and boys' track programs at the Salem High School. The StarTrax 5K Night Run is the club's sole fundraiser, and from the proceeds from this race alone they are able to purchase equipment, duffle bags, t-shirts, and refreshments for the teams each year. Additionally, they have purchased and donated a fully automatic timing system, a top-of the line computer to run it, a portable sound system for the coach's use, as well as AV equipment to record and review field-event athletes' form in practices. The Club is run by parents and volunteers who meet monthly to plan the race and discuss new ways to help out the coaches and atheletes..